Ali-Arc Front Pickup Bumper

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Protect your truck from the unexpected with an aluminum manufactured AliArc Truck Bumper. AliArc designs their bumpers to not only look great but to be able to withstand a beating and keep you on the road.

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If you’re like most of our customers, you put your truck through a lot on a daily basis. Hauling heaving machinery, taking it for a spin off road, and so much more. For this reason, you likely spend a great deal of time investing in accessories for your pickup truck to protect the finish and prevent costly damage that will leave you spending a fortune on repairs. The Ali Arc Bumper is a great addition to any truck to keep you protected from the unexpected. Manufactured from highly durable aluminum, the Ali Arc Bumper not only looks great but is able to withstand the most extreme conditions you might put it through. Though light in weight, this bumper is incredibly strong and built to last. The Ali Arc Bumper comes with heavy duty mounts, and bolts directly to the frame of your truck. The high polish finish leaves your pickup with a clean, sleek look that is sure to catch the eye of others on the road. When you select the high quality Ali Arc Bumper, we guarantee your satisfaction. Should you want to, you have the option to add a front rake to the bottom of your bumper. The front rake contributes an added layer of strength and durability, while also enhancing the structure of your bumper. If you encounter an animal or other unexpected debris on the road, the front rake effectively pushes these items to the side of the truck, preventing them from getting sucked into the undercarriage of your truck, which could not only cause damage, but also poses a safety risk.
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