AMI Styling (AllSales Manufacturing Inc.) manufactures quality billet aluminum products for the automotive aftermarket. It all started with a billet rear view mirror in the shape of GM’s famous Bowtie and AMI continues to succeed by developing many of the innovative products that enthusiasts believe are a must-have for their vehicles.

The AMI Styling line offers products like full replacement grille emblems, locking and non-locking fuel doors, antennas in a variety of lengths and styles, ornamental hitch covers and much more. If it should be made from billet Aluminum, AMI Styling likely offers it for your Truck, SUV or Jeep. Everything is made in the USA from top quality raw materials like aerospace-grade 6061-T6 Aluminum or stainless steel. AMI Styling billet precision machined for great looks and perfect fit. AMI Styling prides itself in giving the consumer choice when it comes to styles and finishes including polished, chrome, black and brushed. For design leadership, look no further than AMI Styling.


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  1. Billet Fuel Door Striker AMI 6900PL
  2. Billet Fuel Door Striker AMI 6900P
  3. Billet Fuel Door AMI 6090P
    Billet Fuel Door AMI 6090P
    $126.95 $145.95
  4. GMC Grille Emblem AMI 96501K
  5. GMC Grille Emblem AMI 96501C
  6. GMC Grille Emblem AMI 96500K
  7. Billet Fuel Door AMI 6101P
    Billet Fuel Door AMI 6101P
    $126.95 $145.95
  8. GMC Grille Emblem AMI 96501P
  9. GMC Grille Emblem AMI 96500P
  10. AMI Grille Emblems
    AMI Grille Emblems

    from $26.95 to $86.95

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