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Constructed of durable materials that will withstand the elements and your workload, BedRug Bed Liners are available for most popular truck applications. Custom molded to match the contour of the truck bed and provide you with the protection and comfort that you need.

BedRug is well known throughout the aftermarket, a name synonymous with high quality and innovation. Located in Old Hickory, Tennessee, BedRug got its start as a manufacturer of TPO foam composites. TPO foams offer a broad range of performance attributes – ranging from softness and flexibility to thermal stability – it is a closed cell construction, which will not absorb moisture, and is similar to the foam used in life jackets. It can be fabricated into a variety of parts that are suitable for exterior applications. Most importantly, it can be laminated to other substrates – and in BedRug’s case, those additional materials include 100% polypropylene plastic non-woven "carpet" and the TPO composite that creates BedTred. 

BedRug is both ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified. TS16949 certification requires successful completion of on-site audits conducted by independent 3rd party registrars confirming compliance the ISO 9001 standards in addition to the rigorous quality standards of the automotive OEMs. This insures that high quality products are manufactured conforming to strict product specifications yielding high customer satisfaction.

BedRug is environmentally safe – BedRug products are manufactured from a recyclable TPO/polypropylene composite. All unusable polypropylene materials are recycled into pellets and used in a wide variety of consumer goods. In addition, BedRug products do not contain any prohibited or declarable substances on the Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL). 


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  1. BedRug XLT Bed Mat
    BEDRUG XLT Bed Mat

    from $229.95 to $249.95

  2. Bedrug Classic Bed Liner
    Bedrug Classic Bed Liner

    from $479.95 to $519.95

  3. BedRug Impact Bed Liner
    BedRug Impact Bed Liner

    from $479.95 to $519.95

  4. BedTred Impact BedMat
    BedTred Impact BedMat

    from $229.95 to $259.95

  5. TrackMat TW2X4MAT
  6. BedRug Tailgate Mat
    Bedrug Tailgate Mat

    from $58.95 to $84.95

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