Dash Away Interior Detailer 103

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  • 24 oz. Spray Bottle
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    To enjoy the open road in peace, you need the interior of your car to be your own personal sanctuary. And that's where Dash Away comes in. Spray it anywhere, anytime to get super-fast cleaning with no greasy film residue and no sticky surfaces. It also smells great, better than after a professional detail. Use it on carpet, cloth, vinyl and smooth leather, because it's incredibly effective on every surface, as well as 100% safe. So no matter what kind of dirt you have or how long it's been there, use Dash Away to make it all vanish in minutes.
    • 24 oz. Spray Bottle
    • The strongest and safest interior cleaner money can buy
    • Never leaves a greasy film
    • Triple benefit: Strongest cleaning power, maximum UV protection, eliminates odors and has a great jasmine scent.
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