After over 20 years of battling, band-aiding and otherwise fussing with homemade wooden drawer systems made of plywood, dimension lumber and half the hardware department from True Value, co-founder, Lance Meller, declared, “Wood is dead.” Sleeping in the back of his truck as an outdoor sales rep, spooning with skis, snowboard samples, tools and just about everything other than a warm woman, Lance started working with some pals on a solution to his pickup truck bed junk show. A few things fell into place, including a BLT with co-founder, Jake, and after nearly three years of research, design, and engineering work, DECKED was born.

We too have lived with substandard homemade and even purchased storage systems rattling around in the backs of our pickup trucks for years. Finally, we sat down determined to solve the problem we all faced with our truck beds and produce the best in-vehicle storage system anywhere. We think we did, and we are confident you will too. You’re one of us, and our mission at DECKED is to make your life better.

Work Smarter, Play harder.


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  1. Decked Tool Box Core Trax
  2. Decked Drawer System Locks
  3. Decked Tool Box Snack Tray
  4. Decked Tool Box D-Box Hanger Kit
  5. Decked D-Box Nested Tool Box AD5
  6. Decked D-Box Dessert Tan
    Decked D-Box Dessert Tan
    $60.00 $60.00
  7. Decked Drawer Divider Set AD8WIDEx4
  8. Decked D-Bag
    Decked D-Bag
    $200.00 $200.00
  9. Decked Crossbox Blue
    Decked Crossbox Blue
    $50.00 $50.00
  10. Decked Crossbox Dessert Tan
  11. Decked Drawerganizer
    Decked Drawerganizer
    $30.00 $30.00
  12. Decked Drawer Dividers - Combo
  13. Decked Drawer Dividers - Narrow - 2
  14. Decked Drawer Drain Plug Set AD4
  15. Decked Drawer System Locks
  16. Decked Core Trax 1000 - 44" AT6
  17. Decked Core Trax 1000 - 56" AT7
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