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EGR Bolt On Look Fender Flares offer a rugged, bold, stylish look to your truck! The bolt on style of these flares give an off-road appeal.

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We know that you take pride in the appearance of your pickup truck. From the make and model, to the paint color and accessories, you’ve likely carefully considered every aspect of your vehicle to ensure your pickup is like no other on the road today. An important component that should not be overlooked is of course, the fender flares. Without fender flares, your wheel wells can look a little plain. The EGR bolt-on style fender flares are the quick fix you need to take your pickup from plain to stand-out. Made from one of the top brands on the market today, EGR bolt-on style fender flares are expertly crafted to withstand repeated exposure to dirt, rocks, and other rough debris. They perform at the highest level, protecting your vehicle from damage that would otherwise leave you with hefty repair bills. The EGR bolt-on style fender flares are the true essence of tough, constructed from high-impact acrylic with an added UV-blocking layer to protect against the sun’s harmful rays. Every set of EGR bolt-on fender flares are custom fit to each specific vehicle, no matter the year, make, or model. This step ensures that no gaps between your truck and the flares are present. Customer’s love the bolt-on style because their rugged bolt accents offer a distinct, eye-catching look that others on the road will envy. With the EGR bolt-on fender flares, style meets performance in a beautiful yet strong accessory. Order your set of EGR bolt-on style fender flares today, and give your pickup the protection it deserves.
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