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EGR Rugged Style Fender Flares offers roughly an inch an a half of extra tire coverage that will help protect your vehicle from rocks and debris while giving your ride an aggressive, custom look.

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Fender flares are a necessary accessory for every truck on the road today. They minimize the damage to your pickup from flying rocks and rubble, while also providing an element of style to help your truck stick out from the pack. The EGR rugged style fender flares are trusted by customers from all over thanks to their high performance and ability to last over time. Unlike many other fender flares on the market today, EGR fender flares have been expertly designed to fit and flow with the contours and lines of virtually any truck, regardless of year, make, and model. As you likely know, it is incredibly important that fender flares fit perfectly, as any gaps will start to collect dirt and grime over time. The EGR rugged style fender flares are custom sculpted to your vehicle, eliminating any concern for flaws in fit. The EGR rugged style fender flares’ name gives you a solid indication of the durability of these top notch fender flares, as they’re constructed to last through whatever you might put them through. Made from impact-resistant acrylic and infused with an extra UV-blocking layer, these fender flares will be protecting your pickup for years. A great feature of the EGR rugged style fender flares is that they come in a sleek, flat black finish, adding a touch of elegance to your truck. Or, if you’d like to go for a bolder, more stand-out look, you have the freedom to paint the fender flares to represent your unique style.
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