Firestone manufactures and provides air springs for all vehicles. They began developing air suspension for passenger cars and trucks more than 70 years ago. Firestone continues to be innovative in product design and material selection so they can provide you with a better ride and safe load-carrying capabilities. Firestone stands for quality, reliability and service. 

Firestone Industrial Products were the first and are the last major manufacturer of automotive air springs in the U.S. They engineer and manufacture each product to provide many years and thousands of miles of trouble-free service. 

Their extensive product development process has resulted in applying automotive technology to their heavy-duty products. Their innovations span many additional technologies from electronic sensors to higher strength fabrics and compounds—in addition to rigorous testing unmatched by any other manufacturer. It’s an obsession with quality you can only expect from a leader.


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  1. Firestone All-in-One Kit FIR-2811
  2. Firestone All-in-One Kit FIR-2810
  3. Firestone All-in-One Kit FIR-2809
  4. Firestone All-in-One Kit FIR-2808
  5. Firestone All-in-One Kit FIR-2807
  6. Firestone All-in-One Kit FIR-2806
  7. Firestone All-in-One Kit FIR-2805
  8. Firestone All-in-One Kit FIR-2804
  9. Firestone All-in-One Kit FIR-2803
  10. Firestone All-in-One Kit FIR-2802
  11. Firestone All-in-One Kit FIR-2801
  12. Firestone All-in-One Kit FIR-2800
  13. Firestone Compressor System FIR-2590
  14. Firestone Compressor System FIR-2589
  15. Firestone Compressor System FIR-2581
  16. Firestone Compressor System FIR-2549
  17. Firestone Compressor System FIR-2543
  18. Firestone Compressor System FIR-2266
  19. Firestone LD Air Command FIR-2538
  20. Firestone Compressor System FIR-2158
  21. Firestone Compressor System FIR-2097
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