Since 1975, Go Rhino® has remained a leader in the development, design and manufacturing of innovative, stylish and extremely useful aftermarket automotive accessories. For over 30 years, Go Rhino has taken pride in offering products that allow the trucks and SUV owner to enjoy the most from their vehicle.

Our family-owned and operated company has a long, rich history developing, engineering, and manufacturing some of the most innovative products for your vehicle. Since originating the first modular grille guard over 30 years ago, Go Rhino has established a reputation for being FIRST in introducing superior quality, new and original products to the market and quickly setting the industry standard.

Today, Go Rhino® and XTREME RACKS™ offer one of the most extensive product lines of Modular grille/brush guards (Including the ONLY grille/brush guard with PATENTED built-in step), Side bars (Including the ONLY shippable wheel-to-wheel side bars), Universal steps, hitch steps, trucks racks, cargo management systems, off-road Pre-runner racks/bars and garage/shop organizers

In 2004, Go Rhino was pleased to partner with XTREME RACKS™, as two companies with one vision! Together we are determined to narrow the gap between functionality, rugged good looks, and durability with all of our award-winning truck and SUV products.

Many of our competitors use plastic parts on their sidesteps while we only use non-slip Super Grip rubber step pads. Go Rhino also offers the patented grille guard with built-in step and shippable wheel-to-wheel sidebars. Our products are also produced with the highest of standards. We monitor, document, and inspect every part and every process, and as a result, have earned the prestigious ISO9001 certification that is your assurance of consistent quality and commitment to excellence.

Go Rhino

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  1. Go Rhino 6" OE Extreme II
    Go Rhino 6" OE Extreme II

    from $412.90 to $516.90

  2. RB10 Running boards 63450568T
  3. RB10 Running boards 63442987T
  4. RB10 Running boards 63441687T
  5. RB10 Running boards 63441580T
  6. RB10 Running boards 63429980T
  7. RB10 Running boards 63423580T
  8. RB10 Running boards 63420687T
  9. RB10 Running boards 63418087T
  10. RB10 Running boards 63417680T
  11. RB10 Running boards 63415587T
  12. RB10 Running boards 63415087T
  13. RB10 Running boards 63412680T
  14. RB10 Running boards 63410687T
  15. RB10 Running boards 63409980T
  16. RB10 Running boards 63405880T
  17. RB10 Running boards 63405187T
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