Hot Rod Protective Detailer 106

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  • 24 oz. Spray Bottle
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    Ever notice how decades of fun in the sun makes people's faces turn to leather? Well, paint doesn't fare much better. One look at the cars in Death Valley and you can see how the sun can destroy a valuable paint job. At Surf City Garage, we've put a stop to that. Introducing Hot Rod, a 100% wax-free, premium detailer that uses our proprietary Micron Adhesion Technology process to block UV rays. So whether you're having fun in the sun or driving through the unforgiving desert day after day, Hot Rod is the no-wax way to keep your car's paint job looking like a million dollars year after year.
    • 24 oz. Spray Bottle
    • Micron Adhesion Technology® extends the life of your paint by providing maximum UV protection.
    • Super advanced technology creates an incredible smooth-as-glass mirror finish.
    • Advanced synthetic polymers last up to 6 times longer and are much easier to apply.
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