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The Trilogy X2T by LEER is an innovative new tri-fold truck cover, designed with exclusive, patent-pending features that make it unlike any other cover on the road today. Our product designers looked at every component, searching for ways to make the new Trilogy X2T by LEER easier to install and remove, more efficient to use and more secure. Our engineering efforts have also resulted in better water management to protect your cargo. With Trilogy X2T by LEER, you have a dependable, versatile and easy-to-use folding cover that lets you do more at a moment's notice, no matter how you use your truck.

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When it comes to tonneau covers, Leer is a leader within the industry because of the high quality, trusted products they consistently provide to customers across the country. The Leer Trilogy X2T is one of the latest additions to the Leer tonneau cover fleet. This innovative, tri-fold truck bed cover is like no other on any vehicle out there today. Every component of this tonneau cover has been specially designed to more efficiently secure your cargo, manage water, and remain dependable for years to come. The Leer Trilogy X2T has all the characteristics you need and want in a tonneau cover, as it is easy to install and easy to remove, utilizes a state of the art latching system, has interlocking hinges, superior water management, vertical stowing, and more. Further, the Leer Trilogy X2T tonneau cover has features unmatched by most tonneau covers on the road, including LED lights that can be added to each latch assembly, as well as textured panels. If you’re in the market for a tonneau cover for your truck, look no further than the Leer Trilogy X2T. Finding the right method to protecting your valuables is a crucial step, and the durable, long-lasting, and all-around tough Trilogy X2T is capable of holding up against extreme weather, dirt, and even thieves, or whatever else might be thrown its way. The Leer Trilogy X2T comes with a three year warranty, so you can rest assured that you receive the quality product you pay for.
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