PEARL RearVision Backup Camera PRVC100US

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    RearVision combines sophisticated hardware with intelligent software to improve your driving experience, from backing up to parallel parking. Beneath its sleek exterior is cutting-edge camera technology, efficient solar panels and vision algorithms powered by a high performance processor. PEARL features two precise HD cameras. One is sensitive in the infrared spectrum to see especially well at night, and one is optimized for daytime. Each has a custom, seven-element lens with up to 180 field of view and a hydrophobic coating to repel water droplets in rainy weather. An advanced image processor manages exposure and corrects distortion in real-time for reliably clear, super-wide-angle views.Powered by the sun, the Camera Frame houses an efficient solar panel that charges in both direct sunlight and indirect light through clouds. This allows RearVision to be truly wireless, no drilling holes or splicing into your car's wiring for power. The Camera Frame's built-in battery is an energy reservoir to help during less sunny times of the year.Featuring intelligent distance sensing, RearVision's obstacle alerts are powered by cutting-edge stereo-vision algorithms. The Car Adapter's eight-core processor runs billions of calculations per second to analyze images from both cameras while you're backing up. When an obstacle is detected, a tone sounds from the built-in speaker in the Car Adapter, and the object is highlighted in the Pearl App.
    • Two HD cameras in a wireless solar-powered camera frame
    • Intelligent visual and audible obstacle alerts
    • Free Pearl App for iOS and Android and over-the-air updates
    • Magnetic phone mount for hands-free viewing with both vent and dash mounts
    California Residents

    Warning Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

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