Plasticolor has been supplying the Automotive Aftermarket with high quality automotive accessories for over 40 years. Our success in the market comes from an uncompromising commitment in designing on-trend, high quality, automotive accessories and combining them with today's most popular and iconic brands. Although Plasticolor began as a Floor Mat manufacturer, in addition to floor mats we produce many other product categories today. These products include, Seat Covers, Steering Wheel Covers, Decals, Key Chains, Organization Items, Garage Stools, Hitch Plugs, Spare Tire Covers, Splash Guards, License Plate Frames, Air Fresheners and Specialty Mats of all designs.


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  1. Hitch Cover - Jeep 002258R01
  2. Hitch Cover - Dodge 2237
  3. Hitch Cover - Ford 2236
  4. Mud Guards - Plain 000543R01
  5. Mud Guards - John Deere 000505R01
  6. Mud Guards - Harley Davidson 000524R01
  7. Mud Guards - GMC 000545R01
  8. Mud Guards - Dodge Ram 000541R01
  9. Mud Guards - Ford 000539R01
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