PUTCO® is the leader in several branches of the automotive accessories industry which includes: LED lighting, chrome trim, stainless steel trim, truck accessories and step bars. Putco started in 1969 and has been on the business stage for over 40 years. In recent years, Putco has steadily brought additional exclusive and luxury products to market. Putco is a company with ISO 9001:2000 certification that distributes, designs, and manufactures its products throughout North America. This includes more than 100 patents and a 3000-item spare parts inventory. The company constantly works to ensure a product of the highest quality at a competitive price. Putco products are the results of intensive research and development. Most Putco accessories install quickly and easily, enabling you to enjoy your new accessories almost as soon as you receive them. Putco makes the constant effort to please the consumer with high quality products for today's hottest truck and vehicle trends.


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  1. Work Blade - LED Light Bar 60"
  2. Blade - LED Light Bar 60" 92009-60
  3. Blade - LED Light Bar 48" 92009-48
  4. Hornet 16" Roof Bracket - Dodge 950004
  5. Hornet 16" Roof Bracket - Chevy 950002
  6. Hornet 16" Roof Bracket - Ford 950001
  7. Grille Insert Ss Bar Design 86160
  8. Bumper insert Putco SS- Bar 86195
  9. Chrome Tailgate Accents 402702
  10. Bumper insert Blk w/ 10" light 87182FPL
  11. Putco LED Tailgate Light Bar 90009-48
  12. Bumper insert Putco SS- Punch 86196
  13. Punch Grille Insert Putco 88195l
  14. Pillar Post Covers Putco 402623
  15. Pillar Post Covers Putco 402522
  16. Pillar Post Covers Putco 402678
  17. Pillar Post Covers Putco 402679
  18. Pillar Post Covers Putco 402621
  19. Pillar Post Covers Putco 402669
  20. Pillar Post Covers Putco 402608
  21. Pillar Post Covers Putco 402607
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