Road Trip Grime Destroyer 24oz 105

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  • 24 oz. Spray Bottle
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    Dead bugs. Tar. Tree sap. Road grime. They wreck your road trip and ruin your perfect paint and chrome. The bugs acid strips your paint even after the bugs are gone. The tar and sap bond to your car like a mother-in-law to a newly-wedded bride. There's only one way to restore your car to showroom condition: Road Trip Grime Destroyer. In 30 seconds, this 100% safe spray-on gel attacks the grime's molecular bonds and totally neutralizes the bugs acid. In fact, it destroys all your grime, no matter what the source. Then just rinse off and, faster than you can say Hang Ten, you're ready to hit the open road.
    • 24 oz. Spray Bottle
    • Triple-action gel formula sticks to the grime and dissolves, degreases and cleans on contact.
    • Fast - Takes less than a minute to remove even the most stubborn grime.
    • Easy -Requires very little or no scrubbing. Just spray on and hose off.
    California Residents

    Warning Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

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