Located in Huntington Beach, California, Surf City Garage is not only the fastest growing car care products company in the USA, but around the globe.  Having the best products, the coolest brand and the highest customer loyalty in the industry doesn’t happen unless you’ve got the Best Team in the business running the show

Surf City Garage

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  1. Road Trip Grime Destroyer 24oz 105
  2. Black Edge Detailer 24oz 920
  3. The Works Detailing Essentials 468
  4. Zilla Juice Detailer 115
  5. Zilla Pad Replacement 892
  6. Clayzilla Surface Prep System 339
  7. Nano-Detail Polishing Cloths 316
  8. Killer Chrome Perfect Polish 492
  9. Barrier Reef Carnauba Wax 16oz 130
  10. Dash Away Interior Detailer 103
  11. Voodoo Leather Rejuvenator 133
  12. Code Red Active Wheel Cleaner 110
  13. Black Edge Carnauba Wax 16oz 922
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