For us at Thule Group, it is all about making it easy for people to enjoy an active life. Our motto, “Active Life, Simplified.", captures the spirit of how we develop products for our consumers to enjoy active lives, how we as employees want to live our own lives, and how we want our customers to feel when they do business with us.

We are the global market leader in a number of product categories such as Sport&Cargo Carriers for the car, camera bags, and multi-functional child carriers. We also have a truly global reach, with Thule Group products in every corner of the world: On secluded Australian beaches, the busy city streets of Boston, bike trails high up in the Andes, or ski slopes in the Alps.

We are an international group of passionate people who focus on developing safe, easy-to-use, and good-looking solutions for active families and outdoor enthusiasts. Helping them bring what they care for most when they enjoy their active lives.

We offer products for small things you always carry with you such as smartphone covers, as well as for heavier things you transport for longer distances using your car e.g. bike carriers. In short, we offer solutions for you to bring with you everything you need and care about.


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