Campers, boats, trailers and really about anything you can tow is expensive. We all take pride in keeping our possessions looking great. Why trust your investment to traditional mud flaps that were designed to protect your truck – NOT your tow. TOWTECTOR® by Rugged Gear® has been designed specifically to span the full width of your vehicle to protect whatever it is you’re towing from damaging road debris. No matter what size truck you own, or what you are towing we have a TOWTECTOR® designed to meet your needs and budget. Don’t let your hard earned boat, RV, or what ever else you tow get damaged. Trust TOWTECTOR® - the ultimate towing protection system.


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  1. TowTector Tier 3 27824-T3
  2. TowTector Tier 3 27822-T3
  3. TowTector Tier 3 27820-T3
  4. TowTector Tier 3 27819-T3
  5. TowTector Tier 3 27818-T3
  6. TowTector Tier 3 27816-T3
  7. TowTector Tier 3 27814-T3
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