At Radco, we understand that you need the right exterior accessories so that you can get the job done, but that you don’t want to sacrifice style in the process.  For those of you looking the right way to secure your belongings in your truck bed that won’t detract from the overall look of your vehicle, a LEER fiberglass truck topper is the perfect solution.  Whether you’re hauling work equipment, bikes, or more, a fiberglass topper from LEER will protect your valuables from rain, snow, and individuals with not so great intentions.  
With a LEER fiberglass topper, you have the option to have dark tint glass, allowing you to see in when necessary, while also preventing others from easily seeing what you’re carrying. Further, LEER fiberglass truck toppers come complete with features such as an interior dome light, recessed LED third brake light, recessed 50/50 sliding side windows with screens, and recessed framed door with double T-handle locks. When you purchase a LEER product, you know you’re getting the best on the market. LEER fiberglass truck toppers provide you with the protection you need for your cargo, while also maintaining a sleek yet rugged look you’ll love.