At Whelen Engineering, our goal is to bring innovative, life saving products to market more quickly while maintaining strict quality control throughout the process. We have accomplished this through a vertical manufacturing initiative to eliminate or reduce out-sourcing; the use of robotics and state-of-the-art production equipment; and, perhaps most importantly, a motivated workforce of over 1100 employees. This allows us to meet and adapt to our customer’s changing needs in the shortest amount of time.

Whelen Engineering

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  1. Vertex LED Hide Away White VTX609C
  2. Vertex LED Hide Away Amber VTX609A
  3. Bracket for TIR3 RBKT1
    Bracket for TIR3 RBKT1
    $10.95 $12.45
  4. Whelen 17" Amber Light Bar R2LPHPA
  5. Whelen 17" Amber Light Bar R1LPHVA
  6. Mini Century Lightbar 16" MC16PA
  7. Mini Century Lightbar 11" MC11MA
  8. Whelen 6" Amber Beacon L10HAP
  9. 6" Oval Warning Light 5GA00FAR
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