Curt is the FIRST Name in Towing Products

CURT is the leading manufacturer of towing products. They specialize in custom-fit trailer hitches and custom wiring harnesses, produced right here in the United States. They also offer a broad range of other towing products and accessories to fully equip you for the road ahead.

A few of Curt's defining qualities include:

  • Custom-fit trailer hitches and wiring
  • ISO / TS 16949 certification for quality manufacturing
  • Leading first-to-market track record
  • A full line of towing products, including heavy-duty equipment

CURT continues to set the standard in our industry for manufacturing capabilities and product innovation. They employ the latest technology with everything from cutting edge design software to advanced robotic welding to unique finishing processes. With these tools and dedication to excellence, they are able to lead in first-to-market designs.

Curt Manufacturing

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  1. Curt Class 3 Hitch
    Curt Class 3 Hitch

    from $135.88 to $637.00

  2. Curt Class 1 Hitch
    Curt Class 1 Hitch

    from $165.25 to $684.33

  3. Curt Class 2 Hitch
    Curt Class 2 Hitch

    from $131.10 to $525.59

  4. CURT - Custom Wiring Harness 56327
  5. CURT - Custom 5th Wheel Bracke 16444
  6. CURT - Custom Wiring Harness E 56000010
  7. CURT - Custom Wiring Harness E 56070010
  8. CURT - Custom Wiring Harness 56330
  9. CURT - Custom Wiring Harness E 56070
  10. Curt Class 4 Hitch
    Curt Class 4 Hitch

    from $321.41 to $515.19

  11. Curt Class 5 Hitch
    Curt Class 5 Hitch

    from $370.84 to $594.67

  12. Weight Distribution Hitch 17307
  13. Multi-Ball Mount 45001
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