If you’ve got a truck, you’ve likely either owned truck bed toppers or considered purchasing a topper for your truck bed. Truck toppers are an invaluable accessory for every pickup truck, as they enable you to continue to use the bed of your truck for its intended purpose of transporting the items you need, no matter the weather. Flimsy tarps that blow away with a gust of wind just don’t cut it, and you don’t want to take the risk of rain or snow ruining your cargo. Create a sturdy and secure environment for your items with the high-quality truck bed toppers offered by Radco, including our own aluminum truck toppers. We pride ourselves on offering pickup toppers that will fit virtually any pickup truck out on the road today. This is because we take the time to custom-fit the toppers to each truck, ensuring a seamless application and match to your vehicle. Be sure to also browse our topper accessories and topper parts as well.

Truck Cap & Truck Topper Accessories

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  1. FAS-TOP G-Hooks
    FAS-TOP G-Hooks
    $20.00 $24.00
  2. 12v Power Block Lat-Outlet
  3. Rail Saver Mounting Tape X402HT
  4. Gas Prop - Lift Arm C16-02716
  5. Gas Prop - Lift Arm C16-06867
  6. Cam Plate, T-Handle 5192020000
  7. Gas Prop - Lift Arm C16-09461
  8. Gas Prop - Lift Arm C16-08584
  9. Cam T-Handle 90∗ I-00681034
  10. Gas Prop - Lift Arm C16-22150
  11. Gas Prop - Lift Arm C16-04445
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